“It will reveal the best in you”

Ale uses her unique voice to create a cozy space for you to get uncomfortable and find your power. Her passion for fitness is contagious and she will ensure you are getting the most out of your form. From start to finish you'll find freedom to be you and be empowered to come for more.


“Forget about perfect, we’re here for a good time”

Anne-Sophie’s optimistic spirit will make you feel instantly welcome. She integrates her passion for music into her practice to help you find a deeper mind-body connection. Her good vibes will brighten your day and make you forget how hard you’re working.


“You can be sure to leave on a high”

Dannalize naturally positive energy and smile are contagious. Her years of experience mixed with her unique energy will help you elevate your form to the next level. She loves encouraging you to push yourself but never forget to have fun while doing so.


“Are you ready for a shot of confidence?“

Kirsten is always reminding you that you belong, from start to finish she will challenge you, push you and encourage you to celebrate what your body can do. Practicing with Kirsten is getting both a shot of gratitude and adrenaline. Be ready to sweat, smile and have faith in yourself.


“You’ll work hard, but nothing worth having comes easily”

Tarjan innate kindness and positive energy will bring the best out of you whilst cultivating a steady mind. Expect to sweat, grow & succeed! His practice will take you on a journey and by the end you'll already be booking your next one.


“There is so much power in movement”

Holly motivates you to be intentional. Her practice is safe, efficient and a little humility goes along the way. She will help you unlock the power you need to elevate both mind and body. Feeling the very best of yourself and finding peace along the way is what you’ll get!


“Yes you can, and you will progress each day a little more”

Annaëlle’s fresh energy will empower you to move your body mindfully and by doing so you’ll find joy in showing up for yourself. She always make sure you’ll give every bit of energy that you have so you can finish your practice feeling strong again and again.


“You’ll feel peace from within”

Sophie’s technique is bang on but it’s not just about the form, she’ll show you how to cultivate a moving meditation through her breath-led practice. Every class is feel-good and judgement-free, you’ll step off the mat feeling accomplished and restored.


“Let’s explore all the amazing things you are capable of doing”

If you’re looking for a shot of inspiration to go on with your day, get yourself to Agi’s practice. She thrives through challenges and uses her energetic “go get it” attitude to motivate people into doing just that. Be ready to unleash your inner warrior.


“You’ll never feel out of place”

Marie is a firm believer The Mix studio is for anyone who is looking for a place to belong. She understands how to create a safe & energetic space to help you find joy in movement. You’ll love her fiery energy and how she encourages you to give it your best.