driven by music

Find the mix of movement your body needs.

Cardio, strength, flexibility, mobility or stillness.

The Mix No.1


Be ready to get caught up in some seriously contagious energy.

Let your mind wander with the music and take exactly what you need from this cardio practice. It looks like a party but feels like a detox.

The Mix No.2


The perfect mix to work on strength, flexibility & energy.

This low impact and high intensity mix of movements are designed to strengthen and tone the body. It’s the most efficient, fun and liberating way to feel your strongest.

The Mix No.3


A functional & sweaty training, we lift booty and spirit.

This practice will bring exposure to a new way of approaching a strength group class. It’s a party feel, and it’s the one party that will leave you stronger than when you arrived.

The Mix No.4


Don’t think traditional, we mix it up and together we make it fun.

Either you like it sweaty or sweet, with uplifting music or a little quiet, we offer you the possibility to find a practice that suits your energy.

The Mix No.5


We help you build that muscle of awareness.

We’re here to shake the meditation standards. Our different practices will help you breathe in relaxation and breathe out anything that is less than that. Are you ready to thrive in a different way?